Bonfire puts video to work, at work

Bring your message to life using Bonfire. Share video and screen captures securely across your company or directly with coworkers using secure video messaging built for the enterprise


Are you tired of sending links and using multiple apps to create screen recordings or communicate with video? Bonfire's end-to-end platform includes everything you need to create, share, discover, and consume video content. No app required.


Bonfire’s enterprise-grade security provides control over who can record, share, comment, and view videos within your company. Encrypted end-to-end on a platform built for the enterprise.


Looking to make the most of your video content? Bonfire's automatic titles and descriptions make it easy to find key moments, while searchable transcripts and AI-powered notes provide highlights and valuable information. Spend less time searching and get more out of your day.

Connect Your Company

Bonfire is the perfect way to connect with your team and get to know them on a personal level. You can communicate and collaborate with them without having to schedule multiple virtual meetings. With Bonfire, you can accomplish goals together and create a more effective team.

Look Like a Pro

Looking to create professional-looking videos without the hassle of complicated equipment? Bonfire is your solution. With AI-powered camera controls, you can create videos that are perfectly framed and composed, no matter where you are or what you're doing. So whether you're capturing your screen or creating a video message, Bonfire ensures a picture-perfect shot every time.

Works With:

Bring Your Video With You Wherever You Go

Tools need to do more than support the modern hybrid workforce - they need to fit the modern workday. Bonfire provides you with the tools to create and consume video anytime, anywhere, on any device. Bonfire even integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx to automatically import all your meetings.

Get Your Time Back

Bonfire takes meeting review to a new level by using Al to scan and simplify the critical content and context of videos so you can turn a one-hour meeting into a one-minute recap, effortlessly. Simplified transcripts deliver insights to you automatically and are 80% faster to read.

Meet Less.
Do More.

Looking to maximize efficiency? Skip the meeting and send a video. Meetings are costing you a fortune: they require schedules to line up and demand everyone be available at the same time. Async video is the easy way to connect with co-workers at any time.

Bonfire automatically
imports video from:

The Digital Watercooler.

Looking to create a stronger bond with your team? Bonfire is perfect for building community and fostering better working relationships. With async video, you can get to know your colleagues on a personal level and skip exhausting virtual meetings. Plus, broadcasting your personal brand to subscribers is a timesaver. Culture is the key to success, and everyone is invited.

Create Video

Create instantly shareable, encrypted video on your mobile device or computer.

Stay Connected

Using Bonfire, coworkers can subscribe to company leaders’ private, encrypted video channels to get up-to-date information and insight easily.

Be Automatically Present

Looking to showcase your videos in a stunning and easy-to-use way? With our simple templates and automatic updates, you'll be able to create beautiful web pages that showcase your latest videos. Plus, with private links and access controls, you can keep your page internal to the company or share it with the world.

Automatic Captions

With Bonfire, never miss a beat in your video conversations again. Powerful real-time captioning ensures that you always have searchable transcripts of what's being said right at your fingertips. Whether you're reviewing AI-powered meeting minutes or just catching up on a friend's latest vacation vlog, Bonfire makes sure you're always in the loop.

Take The Numbers With You

Do you know if your video was viewed? Real-time analytics show you who watched, and what is the most insightful part of your message. Bonfire provides real-time statistics on the number of viewers, collaborators, and overall reach of rich media content. Know when your audience is consuming video and engage at the perfect time.

Deploy Securely

Set user permissions and control activity with extensive role-based access that integrates with your company’s directory service.

Collaborate Securely

Bonfire’s enterprise-grade security provides control over who can record, share, and view videos within your company and provides end-to-end encryption on a platform built for the enterprise.